Automated Cloud Migration and DR for Multi-tier,
Physical and Virtual Production Apps

Unlike traditional cloud migration tools that require significant manual processes or only support small apps and/or Devtest use cases, One Hybrid Cloud™ Software (OHC™) by CloudVelox, automates the entire set of processes required to establish a production-grade hybrid cloud environment, including:

  • Discovery and dependency mapping of application services.
  • Cloud provisioning and deployment.
  • Cloud-optimized synchronization and storage.
  • Extension of authentication and security services such as LDAP and Active Directory from the data center into public cloud environments.
  • “Single Pane of Glass” control across sites and clouds.


Disaster Recovery

For enterprises with aggressive RTOs and RPOs, OHC allows multi-tier apps to be deployed in the cloud for “pay as you go” protection against outages in the data center or even a cloud region.

Cloud Migration

The first solution to fully automate the migration of production-grade, multi-tier apps safely and quickly into the cloud, without virtualization, templates or re-architecting of apps. The result is unprecedented choice, agility and security in the cloud.

Development and Test

OHC gives developers access to the cloud as needed. Developers enjoy a DevTest environment virtually identical to the production environment, including the latest version of the application being developed or updated.

Cloud agility and choice: significant reductions in the cost, risk and effort required to deploy
traditional multi-tier applications into clouds.
No app modification or virtualization required.
Critical authentication services, including LDAP and Active Directory extended into
the cloud.
Robust automation of critical onboarding processes required for production apps.
No specialized networking, storage or cloud
skills are required for migrating apps into or
between clouds.