In this part, Dan Allaby, Scott Salkin and Luis Benavides get everything settled and go over Luis’ professional background, the purpose of the podcast and what they’ll be discussing in subsequent posts.



Scott Salkin: Okay, good morning everyone. We’re going to go ahead and get started, so thank you guys for all joining us for this morning’s Tech Talk Live. Before we begin today’s session, I’m just going to cover a few housekeeping items and introduce you to today’s speakers and then we’ll get going. First off, we’ve got some great topics we’ll be covering today but our main goal here is also to answer some of your own cloud questions, so if you do have a question on cloud computing that you’d like our team of experts to tackle, you can send those in using a couple of different options. The first option today: to use the chatbox. You’ll see that in the bottom-right corner of your webinar control panel, so you can just chat those questions to the host or presenter, or just the webinar coordinator then we’ll answer as many of those as we can. Second option for you today is to send questions on twitter. So you can follow us @AvnetCloudReady and you can use your hashtag #TechTalk. So if you tweet those questions in, we’ll answer those as well, we can also answer those offline if we run out of time today. So with that, let me introduce you to today’s speakers and we’ll get on our way. Leading today’s session is going to be Dan Allaby, Director of Cloud Offerings at Avnet Technology Solutions. He’s got his team there with him as well, and today we’re really lucky to be joined by Luis Benavides who is the CEO and founder at Day1 Solutions. Now we’ll go ahead and hand the floor over to them and get started so thanks everyone.


Dan Allaby: Thanks Scott, it’s Dan Allaby here. Welcome back to Tech Talk Live if you’ve joined us before and if you’re new, welcome to the session. This is actually the last session of the year so Happy Holidays, we’ll be picking things back up in January. First of all, I’m sure everyone’s holding onto a warm coffee this morning or this afternoon depending on where you’re joining from. It’s pretty cold in our part of the country and I understand it’s chilly throughout the country. We’re excited and really pleased that you’re able to join us today, we think we’ve got some great topics to discuss but as Scott mentioned, we’re most interested in hearing from you and we really want you to join and interact with us in the conversation. I’m really excited to have Luis Benavides here with me today. Luis and I have had the opportunity to have many conversations back and forth over the past months and I really look forward to giving you all the opportunity to hear some of his perspectives as a partner who’s working with customers around helping them leverage the cloud and some of the technologies that exist in the market to solve problems. Luis, welcome to the session today.


Luis Benavides: Thanks Dan, thanks for having me join in and I look forward to participating in this one and interacting with the different folks in the audience out there. I think we have a pretty good mix of partners, customers and people from industry.


Dan Allaby: Absolutely and reinforcing; this session is designed to be – this is not a webcast – it’s an interactive session and we’re gonna keep it very conversational and just, from the heart, some of our thoughts and perspectives and hopefully we can share some insights as well as get your insights on some of these topics. Luis, just spend a couple of minutes and just share a little background on yourself because I think it’s very relevant to the perspectives you’re going to bring around, as a partner, around the cloud and the technologies that we’re probably going to be talking about today and a little bit about Day1 and what you guys do.


Luis Benavides: Sure, so, thanks Dan, I have a – I guess earlier in my IT career – have a consultive background. I worked at a Microsoft consulting firm, I had a lot of Microsoft technologies that led to working at EMC. So at EMC I dealt with US public sector and a lot of these Private Cloud deployments that we didn’t call “Private Cloud” back then because we didn’t have a name for it. And from EMC and having that kind of industry view of things, that led to a position over at NetApp. NetApp for about 4 years working with a variety of different alliance partners: these guys like the Microsofts, Ciscos, VMWare, OpenWorld again in US Public sector and did well there and that led to an opportunity when Amazon was forming their US Public Sector – excuse me – their Worldwide Public Sector business. So I left to join that team; I was number 6 on the Worldwide Public Sector team and helped start up what was their channel business or their partner business. So, I always had a kind of solutions and consultive approach to the way I would work in the industry and help ultimately what resulted for the end customers. But, seeing the opportunity around what was necessary for customers to be successful with the cloud and specifically with Amazon Web Services; about two years ago was when I left Amazon Web Services to actually start Day1 Solutions. So, we’ve been in the partner ecosystem but our company is very focused on AWS and we really try to listen to what the customers want, customers need, again, really focused on their experience with cloud: I think that’s one of the things that a successful experience is really what’s kind of necessary and then all the moving parts around it hopefully mitigating the risk and making things as simply as possible for delivery of all that. So that’s what we do now.


Dan Allaby: Awesome, thanks, so I think for Avnet, from our perspective, understanding our heritage and deep knowledge in the customer data center and the technology to power that, there’s an opportunity for us, I think certainly collectively, to help bridge the cloud and the benefits it brings into the data center and were going to talk about some of those things as we’re chatting through the topics here. One other announcement just before we jump into the session and for your reference in case you’re interested you can leverage this, we now have the podcast here, it’s available on iTunes so if you want to recap this, or for future sessions if you’re not able to attend but you want to listen in in terms of the content you can subscribe to the podcast series on iTunes. It’s also available on YouTube and you can access it from our website as well: So let’s jump in.

So the key topics for today as we mentioned in the invite, the first is re:Invent recap. So some of the questions we want to answer as part of that was “what are the themes?” So what are the main themes for the conference? So we’ll touch on some highlights. What were some of the new services that were launched? that we’re certainly not going to get into everything but we’ll talk about some of them. A little bit of highlights on the sessions themselves from our Solutions Architect team and their comments around content, diversity and the themes in that area. Then we’re going to shift gears to a partner perspective: we want to hear some of Luis’ perspectives on working with the customers and the value that a partner can bring to helping customers leverage the cloud. We’re going to shift to a customer perspective, a CAPEX vs. OPEX vs. aaS and then the fourth is a deeper dive into Solutions vs. Services and the use cases and we’ll explain more as we progress into what that means. But we want to talk a little about some of the solutions that are bringing the data center closer to the cloud, from our collective experience and what we’re doing with partners and what partners like Luis are doing with customers.