Big Data and Analytics Offerings

Big Data and Analytics is an ongoing movement where the proper evaluation of data is essential to derive value for both the present and future.

With the robust stack of technical offerings at hand, it is imperative that these are utilized efficiently and effectively to not hinder the end goal- proper examination of data to fuel growth and development.

The Day1 Big Data and Analytics Practice has the capabilities and expertise to facilitate an organization at any stage of its data approach.


Day1 Solutions develops frameworks to accelerate the deployment of Big Data and Analytics projects.

  • Topic Modeling
  • Smart Cities – City Lights
  • Internet of Things- IoT

Services Methodology

Day1 Solutions specializes in tailoring custom end-to-end Big Data and Analytics solutions. These range from design, implementation to maintenance. The end goal is to gain multi-fold increase in process efficiency and insights from raw data.

  • Expertise of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Big Data and Analytics (BDA) suite
  • Platform management and selection of Open Source Big Data capabilities
  • Transform Big Data and Analytics initiatives into a roadmap suitable to the provided objectives
  • Enablement of adoption to a framework suitable to Big Data and Analytics at any stage
  • Sustainable architecture to continually gain insights from past, present and future data
  • Facilitate the process of data driven decision-making

AWS re:Invent 2015

Deep Learning: Going

Beyond Machine Learning

The video session above was about Deep Learning and how it takes traditional Machine Learning a step further. We covered AWS offerings, Amazon Machine Learning, and the AWS GPU-intensive family of servers that run native machine learning and deep-learning algorithms.