Day1 Connect Extends the AWS Cloud to YOUR Data Center

Day1 Solutions is passionate about providing the highest quality and state-of-the-art cloud solutions possible. It is in this spirit that we offer the Day1 Connect service offering, which extends the Amazon Web Services Direct Connect service to your very own data center.

The Day1 Connect package is designed to present everything that you need to deliver Amazon Web Services capabilities in a straightforward and convenient managed service offering. In order to provide your system with the latest and best in AWS services, we provide dedicated network connections from our data center and telecom partners, to enable you to have full access to AWS Direct Connect and your data center.

We make this process as simple as possible for you by doing all the hard work and setting your connection up, meaning that you don’t have to lift a finger. The Day1 Connect service will reduce your overall network costs, increase bandwidth throughput and generally provide a very consistent and superior cloud experience to your business as opposed to many competing Internet connections.

“In our experience with customers interested in AWS Direct Connect, it was apparent the capabilities they really wanted brought with them a lot of moving parts and complexity.  Cloud is about As a Service delivery at it’s core, and we felt it was necessary to make this experience enjoyable and turn-key for our customers to truly adopt the value of AWS.”  Luis Benavides, Founder and CEO, Day1 Solutions.

In addition to the network cost benefits, Day1 Connect provides extremely elastic and flexible connections that can suit businesses of all sizes. We provide connections in increments of 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps so you needn’t worry about paying for bandwidth that your organization doesn’t actually need. We also provide multiple connections should your business require this.

Privacy is also high on the list of benefits associated with Day1 Connect, and an issue to which we are extremely sensitive. Day1 Connect enables you to establish one or more private connections between your on-premise network and your AWS resources, while maintaining your absolutely secure network isolation. The consistent network performance provided will be a huge bonus for your organization.

We have also found use cases for customers in proximity of AWS Direct Connect facilities for Day1 Connect to enable the following:

  • Keeping your primary data local, and leverage AWS for all your compute.
  • Reduce virtualization and server costs by as much as 75% for Disaster Recovery.
  • Optimize Big Data and Analytics effortlessly with on-demand resources.
  • Gain 50% efficiency and time to market for Test and Development

Day1 Connect offers a fantastic and exciting service that can deliver real world savings, and introduce a cloud upgrade to your data center.