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Take Advantage of Capabilities That Are Unique to the Cloud

Having your cloud function as a well-oiled machine allows you to embrace unique technologies for enhancing organizational capabilities and developing more innovative solutions. Day1 consistently looks for revolutionary products and applications to deliver new solutions for our customers. We focus on creating innovative solutions that are optimized and capable of enhancing your cloud-centric infrastructure.

Solutions Unique to Your Business

At Day1, we construct comprehensive cloud solutions to help transform the capabilities of your business. We facilitate the evolution of your organization by leveraging industry specific technology that can give you the competitive advantage. We have expertise in cutting edge technologies with specialized skill-sets in the industry including:


Big Data Analytics

Leverage cloud computing and big data eco-systems to examine trends and patterns across extensive datasets in your organization for unparalleled analytics


Internet of Things

Link disparate data sources through enhanced connectivity and back-end intelligence to collect information important to your organization


Machine Learning

Accelerate your organization’s data analytics capabilities through Amazon Machine Learnings

How We Do It



94% Drop in Processing For Global Economic Impact

The Federal agency is now able to utilize cutting-edge data engines to process employment reports in record time.

Challenge: A government bureau lacked the expertise in utilizing data engines to process data rapidly and required assistance in meeting deadlines for employment reports. In their current state, the processing time of 215 million rows of unemployment data every month using traditional legacy system required eighteen hours to do Extract, Transform and Load (ETL).

Solution: Day1 implemented parallel processing of ETL using modern open source technology stack by replacing the traditional system with Hadoop (HDFS, MapReduce).   


Simplify and Automate Unstructured Data

Syntasa leverages Hadoop infrastructure management as a service to continually focus on driving innovation  not the burden of supporting its infrastructure.

Challenge: Syntasa was unable to properly process and analyze its data due to having to manage multiple instances of Cloudera, Hortonworks and Apache Spark clusters both on-premise and in the AWS cloud. The amount of unstructured data was rapidly growing and Syntasa needed a solution to efficiently and accurately provide marketing and behavioral intelligence to its customers.

Solution: Leveraging open source Big Data management tools, Day1 was able to automate Hadoop infrastructure management including cluster scalability and reliability.

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