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Grow New Capabilities, Boost Collaboration, and Strengthen Security

As your organization continues to embrace cloud computing and the advantages it brings, there is a growing complexity in managing, maintaining and integrating your new cloud solutions. Day1 specializes in strengthening your cloud capabilities and reducing the expansion of your existing cloud infrastructure. We focus on managing these growing complexities and allowing your company to re-focus your time and attention in managing your business.

Simplifying Cloud Growth Complexities

At Day1, we provide unique methods to facilitate cloud operation and management. We understand that with the right business partner, the continuous integration of cloud becomes a lot less daunting. Working with businesses and organizations of all sizes, we are committed to pioneering rapid cloud adoption through streamlined administration and oversight of the environment. Our highly specialized staff can aid you in mitigating cloud management concerns through:


Application Management

Understand the cost implications of Amazon Machine Image (AMI) sprawl, and manage the constant growth of your virtualized environment


Security Assessments

Reinforce the state of your security posture as you migrate greater workloads and additional compute stacks to the AWS cloud


Managed Services

Having the correct controls and access in place to manage, monitor, and support for each workload, application, and/or service

How We Do It



Transform Hybrid to All-In Cloud for 650,000 Users

The American Federation of Government Employees’ (AFGE) financial and business challenges were solved by reducing its technical debt from the maintenance of a hybrid environment and annual operational support costs while facilitating a successful migration path.

Challenge:  The AFGE was utilizing a hybrid infrastructure with both VMware and AWS but the environment was in a transitory state. The AFGE decided to take a phased approach to migrate all workloads to AWS and SaaS-based solutions in order to retire all premise-based server infrastructure and ensure that the environment supporting over 650,000 federal and government workers is unaffected.

Solution: Day1 provided insight and expertise to complete a forklift migration of its remaining 24 servers and convert them to AWS EC2 instances. Day1 also ensures operational continuity during core production hours, troubleshooting, testing, training staff and validation of new architecture.   


92% Reduction of Disparate Cloud Accounts

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is expanding additional systems into the cloud by unifying and centralizing IT management of over a dozen disparate cloud accounts. The FCC is able to take advantage of a single cloud platform to leverage AWS’ economies of scale to lower costs.

Challenge: The FCC had committed to cloud adoption but had difficulty managing their rapidly expanding cloud infrastructure and multitude of vendors.

Solution: Day1 provided consulting services to relocate the FCC’s data center, and migration strategies to consolidate development & billing under one vendor. Day1 provides on-site support to the CTO and Deputy CIO and provides strategic vision for the agency’s cloud optimization. We provided consultation services & subject matter expertise in the FCC’s recent efforts of data-center consolidation and relocation.

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