Mike-200pxCurious about white label managed services but not sure who to ask? You’ve come to the right place. Day1 Solutions is the first member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) to be recognized for white label managed service capabilities as part of the AWS Managed Service Program. We’ve been doing it a long time and are an early pioneer on best practices. Here are some of the questions we routinely get but if you have others, let us know and we’ll address those too.

By: Mike Bradicich

What is a White Label MSP?

A white label MSP is an extension of your customer service team. We help APN Partners monitor, maintain, meet operational compliance requirements and optimize their customers’ AWS cloud environments. We do this as a seamless extension of your team, with a support@yourcompany.com email address, and a dedicated phone line for 24×7 support. It’s our job to ensure websites, applications, core infrastructure and hybrid cloud environments are performing optimally 24×7. Other ongoing services are also tailored to the unique needs of your customer.

What kinds of APN Partners engage a White Label MSP?

The ones who like to have happy customers. APN Partners who use our white label services cross about every segment of the APN Partner ecosystem. They include start-ups, high growth companies, application developers, software companies, resellers and systems integrators. They also include other companies that are building their own MSP practice but need additional expertise and resources to scale the business.

Who are some of your White Label customers?

That’s confidential. The whole point of providing white label services is to stand behind your brand and make sure your customers’ AWS infrastructure is performing at its best. We work with large and small APN Partners across the AWS ecosystem and their customers are pretty impressive ranging from global enterprises to small companies.

How do your services add value to an APN Partner and their customers?

Managed services are in high demand as enterprise customers increasingly move more mission critical IT operations to the AWS cloud. Your customers expect an experience that’s equal to if not better than what they did before. Day 1’s Managed Services provides ongoing operations that ensure your customers infrastructure is running at is best, while also providing immediate technical assistance in case of an outage or other emergency.

AWS cloud services deliver a high ROI and that’s also true of managed services. In our experience, when a customer understands the cost and effort required to manage their environment, 9 out of 10 of them want managed services and are willing to pay for them, and the one customer who didn’t will usually come back later and add them. With a white label MSP standing behind you, we can help you grow incremental revenues while also increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.