SYNTASA is a provider of advanced marketing analytics products that process clickstream and other digital interaction data. The company works with enterprises and government clients to build advanced behavioral analytics models.

“Our behavioral models are both customer driven and customer focused. Day1 enabled us to stick to our core competencies and place focus on our product, not working on infrastructure. We found Day1 instrumental in accelerating delivery of our solutions” Shawn Zargham, CTO at SYNTASA.

At its core, SYNTASA works to process structured and unstructured data at high volumes in order to provide these analytics for customers. It is imperative for a company in this market to have the capability to process data efficiently, accurately, and quickly to produce data driven solutions that support predictive outcomes.

The data ecosystem at SYNTASA is dynamic in nature. As it began to mature, the need for different Hadoop distributions arose based on customer need. The difficulty was with the management of multiple instances of Cloudera, Hortonworks, and Apache Spark clusters both on premise and AWS cloud.

SYNTASA chose to partner with Day1 for assistance in troubleshooting and processing the high volume of data through use of a Hadoop platform. Through references and recommendations, SYNTASA chose Day1 Solutions due to their experience with various Hadoop Platforms and expertise across infrastructures.

Day1 Solutions was able to deliver an infrastructure that manages the Hadoop clusters within SYNTASA’s environment with the utilization of open source Big Data tools.