Healthcare Cloud

The healthcare IT industry has a great opportunity to take advantage of cloud based services, by gaining greater efficiency while delivering exceptional patient care. It’s a business goal shared by almost every healthcare, clinic, and medical facility, rooted in the desire to reduce IT costs, stremline systems and tighten security. But the healthcare industry’s IT challenges extend beyond traditional business functions to include HIPAA compliance and patient record security concerns. Patients needs are applying pressure of mobility, security, and access to patient data in the midst of explosive data growth challenges.  Rising IT costs due to balancing compliance requirements with archiving and disaster recovery needs are forcing data centers to become more efficient with, all while maintaining HIPAA for your key applications.

Day1 Solutions understands these pain points and can help your healthcare organization tackle its IT challenges. With a strong track record of serving organizations in the healthcare industry, Day1 will help you maintain regulatory compliance while moving your business forward with long-term solutions and introduce innovation to free up resources to better focus on patient care. Our consultative approach assists organizations to enable the following:

  • Meet HIPAA compliance requirements and reduce your compliance risk.
  • Achieve 100% uptime and improved workflow for caregivers and clinicians.
  • Optimize your business continuity and disaster recovery initiatives.
  • Improve records management and accelerate the time to treatment.
  • Accommodate ever-increasing storage of patient data along with the growing sophistication and file sizes of digital medical images.
  • Mobile empowerment with virtual desktops to maintain compliance with privacy and information regulations.