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At Day1, we provide a complete program of consulting and engineering services to support the lifestyle of your cloud initiative. Our experts specialize in moving businesses from traditional IT models to properly managed and secured cloud-backed or hybrid solutions. We provide modern technology and a range of system management offerings to ensure your cloud investments meet your service-level requirements not only now, but in the future.

Through Strategic Cloud Planning, Day1 helps clients better evaluate the feasibility of the cloud, justify expenditures, and properly prepare to support and use the new technology.

Day1 offers professional services in these areas:

Strategic Cloud Planning

Strategic plans provide the vision, goals, and objectives that build consensus and momentum for your organization’s path to the cloud. Firms are often challenged by these questions and more:

  • What is the best prioritization for cloud migration?
  • What kind of return on investment can I expect and what are my risks?
  • How do I most effectively integrate the cloud with my existing IT systems and operations?

Through Strategic Cloud Planning,Day1 helps clients better evaluate the feasibility of the cloud, justify expenditures, and properly prepare to support and use the new technology.

Systems Design and Architecture

The cloud brings a completely new and dynamic way of thinking to system design. Aligning data centers with cloud infrastructure and other web services gives much opportunity for cost savings and robust functionality, but requires a strong understanding of web system integration. We are ready to help you employ the latest capabilities.

  • Quick prototype load testing and dynamic scalability to meet changing uses over time
  • Intelligent cloud data storage for disaster recovery strategies and varying provisioning needs
  • Collaborative, secure cloud networks for unprecedented third party integration
System Integration and Application Development

Day1 will assist with the development, testing, and integration of a range of IT and general applications/systems. We combine our extensive experience in IT development with up-to-date cloud services and technologies.

Cloud Transition

Determine how to best migrate systems to the cloud. We investigate resource availability and scheduling constraints to provide documented procedures for change management and system release.

  • Whether working with physical or virtual environments, we can replicate an entire machine or architecture in the cloud, all with minimal effort and reduced risk of improper migration or downtime
  • We help you integrate solutions for automating enterprise stack deployment
Managed Services

Our Managed Services support model means we maintain your cloud based system leaving you to focus on using it.

  • We manage critical tasks including configuration, patches, updates, and troubleshooting
  • We continually monitor your system to track key metrics, maintain maximum uptime, and provide notification should issues arise
  • Allows for comprehensive security and cost optimization strategies which evolve with your system

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