Day1 NetApp Cloud


Day1’s NetApp Cloud solution provides a superior universal storage platform from your data center premises to the cloud. It enables IT professionals to govern their data with the functionality they have come to expect in their own private environments and the flexibility expected from a virtual machine. Cloud ONTAP is a software-only storage appliance built on the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP storage operating system, and run in the AWS cloud. Coupled with NetApp Private Storage (NPS), which integrates NetApp enterprise storage, AWS Cloud, network resources and collocation facilities, Cloud ONTAP makes for a powerful solution with multiple use cases.

Day 1 NetApp Cloud ONTAP Key Features

  • Get the elasticity and savings of public cloud with the performance, availability, and control of dedicated enterprise storage.
  • Cloud ONTAP is Controlled via Cloud Manager, a deployment environment that provides installation, provisioning, and day-to-day management for the environment.
  • Get NFS and CIFS support for your applications. Clustered Data ONTAP allows you to provision both NAS and SAN storage for your application environment with CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI support.
  • Having the same storage operating system in the cloud as  you do on-premise brings you the true value of a hybrid cloud environment without having to train your IT staff in new management methods.
  • Cloud ONTAP allows enterprise-class features on your raw cloud storage including Instantaneous Snapshot copies, Zero footprint clones with FlexClone volumes, and Storage efficiency with data de-duplication, thin provisioning, and compression.
  • The Day 1 approach helps you the right solution for your needs by assessing the true application I/O requirements to make sure your AWS EC2 instances are not I/O constrained.
  • Enterprise storage snapshot performance and management with NetApp SnapManager application suite.

Use Cases for Cloud ONTAP and NetApp Private  Storage

  • Ontap-graphicI/O Scaling: Replicate NPS environments connected to compute in the cloud so you can elastically scale workloads that need specific I/O and compliance.
  • Increase I/O Performance: The NPS solution is directly connected to the AWS infrastructure via a 1GB or 10GB Direct Connect line so you can run workloads with predictable & higher I/O than before.
  • Full Environments: Replicate existing volumes to Cloud ONTAP instances directly in AWS.  With SnapMirror data replication and FlexClone thin-provisioning for instant On-Demand Dev/Test environments.
  • Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery: Replicate from NetApp onpremise to Cloud ONTAP.   Scale up AWS services quickly in the event of a disaster.
  • Adjust off-premise & on-premise cloud resources throughout product lifecycles: Mix capital and operating expenses as user bases grow to optimize business outcomes.
  • Peak Workload Management: Move workloads on or off the cloud in the event of a spike on the system to free up resources and gain efficiency.