PrivateSTOR for S3


PrivateSTOR for S3 is an on-premise, open hybrid cloud storage solution that is fully Amazon S3 compliant. It ensures seamless S3 integration, simple data migration, and unfettered use of the vast ecosystem of over 350 Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 applications.  PrivateSTOR for S3 is the ideal scale-out solution for eternal storage, providing economical enterprise backup, long term archiving, sync and share, remote office file storage, and enterprise cloud storage as platform as a service (PaaS). The PrivateSTOR for S3 is secure, easy to install, infinitely scalable and extremely reliable backed by NetApp E-Series arrays with industry leading support.

  • Protects all Data: PrivateSTOR for S3 optimizes storage for all data objects, both large and small. Erasure coding enables deep archive efficiency and flexible redundancy, giving you robust data protection without consuming precious disk space.
  • Effortless Data Movement: PrivateSTOR for S3 puts your data where you want it, when you want it. With unique features like dynamic auto-tiering, data moves seamlessly between your on-premise cloud and Amazon S3, regardless of file size.
  • Broad Application Support: With 100% S3 compatibility, PrivateSTOR for S3 ensures seamless S3 integration with every available AWS/S3 application.  The highly active S3 developer community generates lots of innovative apps in categories including; enterprise secure file sharing, backup, data retention & archiving, NFS/CIFS gateways, and desktop file storage & backup.
  • Scalable Architecture: PrivateSTOR for S3 leverages a fully distributed peer-to-peer architecture with no single point of failure. This architecture allows cost effective scaling vertically or horizontally using NetApp E-Series Arrays with Dynamic Disk Pools.
Product Highlights
Simple hybrid cloud storage for service providers & enterprises
Scalable to hundreds of petabytes across regions
On-premise S3 with full support for all S3 ecosystem apps
Dynamic data tiering to Amazon S3, Glacier and S3 compatible clouds
Comprehensive multi-tenant services
Quality of Service (QoS) controls
NFS support for easy integration with enterprise applications
Easy out-of-the-box installation
Straightforward data management