Day1 Professional Services

Experts in Cloud Strategy, Design, & Implementation

At Day1 we utilize our custom Day1 Cloud Advantage engagement model to help you get started with your cloud strategy or to support your cloud evolution at any stage.  Our goal is to provide measurable results, accelerated by the on-demand resources and efficiencies of the cloud, providing you a solution that will truly give your business an advantage.

AWS Security Assessment  – Analysis of your cloud architecture with respect to its security posture. We will identify areas of improvement and suggest AWS best practices in the areas of security group policies; network connections, role based access, data encryption, and augmentation with third party security products.

Cloud Readiness Assessment  – Discern the migration readiness of a single application to the AWS cloud or hybrid architecture.  This includes analysis of the application design to best leverage benefits of AWS.

Cloud Storage Assessment – Review current methods for backup, archive, database, unstructured data, and disaster recovery.  We will make recommendations that leverage existing investments and pinpoint cost savings possible with AWS storage (EBS, S3, Storage Gateway, and Glacier), 3rd party applications, hybrid architectures, and movement of large data sets. Elimination of tape archives and file sharing are common areas for improved efficiency.

Complete Data Center to Cloud TCO Assessment – Before determining your cloud strategy, understand current workloads and their performance profiles in existing physical and virtual infrastructure. Collect historical utilization data for the metrics that are relevant to infrastructure migration for optimal cloud configuration.  Understand the related cost based on your current application workload profiles.

AWS VPC Design & Setup    This service is a common best practice in deployments to AWS, but the design, setup, and configuration of a VPC can be complex.   With troubleshooting being very time consuming, our experienced team can expedite the setup of your AWS Virtual Private Cloud.

AWS Direct Connect Implementation    This includes architecture design, planning, and managing the development of  this capability for your organization.  This implementation requires careful consideration of multiple network design elements: ROI, topology, redundancy, and security strategy.

AWS Fast-Track Engagement   Designed to be a hands-on and low-risk deployment of your AWS environment, based on Day1 reference architectures.  The scope of our engagement includes preliminary cloud strategy, initial assessment of storage & compute needs, security guidance, planning & setup of security groups, and knowledge transfer on the use of AWS.  Our goal is to accelerate your AWS adoption, by making recommendations as  we work closely with your team.   

AWS Cost Optimization    Initial TCO financial analysis of your utilization, operational efficiency, and existing infrastructure assets.  We identify areas of improvement and suggest best practices, taking into consideration software licenses, storage tiering, support, O&M, environmentals, instance sizing, and usage patterns; all projected over a 1 and 3 year period.

Cloud DevOps Efficiency    Individual engagements focused on assisting organizations in optimizing their cloud deployments and infrastructures to maximize performance, cost, and resource efficiency.